Is she boy or girl or both?
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Welcome to the Pool of Ranma!!!

I am your guide into the exciting and the fun filled world of Ranma 1/2. I am being paid very poorly by the Streak to do this, so I will give the shorten version. Ranma 1/2 is hilarious sex comedy about stupid people who did not listen to me when I told them It's very bad to mess with the cursed springs of China. As a result, these people has an alternate look to them whenever cold water is splashed on them and turns to normal when splashed with hot water. For instance, Ranma fell into spring of drowned girl. Now he turns into a beautiful and busty young girl with cold water. His father, Genma fell into spring of drowned panda so he becomes a panda with cold water. More Info is provided in The Guide to Ranma Characters Down below. Be care just don't fall into the pond.

Meet the Tendo Sisters


The star of the show, Ranma Saotome. He has been training with his father Genama Saotome since he was little. He is an excellent figther who refuses to lose a fight with any one which tends to get him into more trouble than good. His best attacks are: The Chestnut fist, The Cat Fist, and The Saotome Final Attack (run away). His one weakness is his intense fear of cats. His speed and strength are his greatest asset. He always has time to bother and annoy Ryoga making fun of the fact that he turns to a piglet. Oh I forgot to mention That he fell into spring of drowned gir so when he get splashed with cold water he turns into a girl. Now why he go do that?

Time to meet Ranma's Friends, Enemies, and Suiters

I don't know how he has time for all of them.
This is the author and creator of Ranma 1/2:

Without whom I would not have a job in the first place. Now is that a good thing or bad thing?

A Hot picture with The Ranma females in Bathing suits!!

Wow!!! Ranma and Akane are actually kissing!!!! Yeah! Go Ranma!!

Look Ranma and Genma in their new forms.

This is Akane Tendo. She has been betrothed to Ramna since childhood but can't stand him because he is always insulting her by calling her "tomboy". When she is angry, she is incredibly strong. Usually the focus of her anger is Ramna. It is a well known fact that Akane's cooking is the exact chemical composition of rat poison and the same identical taste. If you want to know about her sisters, go to meet the tendo sisters above.

If you want detailed information about specific characters, then pick one of the pictures below of the character you want to learn more about. On each page are pictures, character info, and links to image gallaries dedicated to those characters. Enjoy./b>

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