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If these are friends, who needs enemies!!

The Ranma Cast List.

This fine fellow is Ryoga. He is one of the strongest characters in the series besides Ranma. His special Umbrella is too heavy for any one person to lift yet Ryoga wields it in one hand. He is after Ranma for the humiliation that Ranma put him through in grade school over some cakes. His weakness is girls. He gets very shy around them and his nose starts to bleed. His attacks are: The Breaking Point, sword belt, ninja star bandanas, and the flying umbrella attack. And oh yes! Thanks to spring of drowned piglet, when Ryoga gerts splashed with cold water, he turns into a small black piglet that Akane calls Pchan meaning "pig cute".


P-Chan ||

This is Genma Saotome. The Father of Ranma. In the past, he has promised many people his son to marry for food and then ran away with his boy. He is responsible for most of Ranma's troubles. He taught Ranma the techniques of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. Including the Saotome Final Attack (run away).Also when he gets splashed with cold water he turns in a Giant Panda. He spouts out bits of wisdom but no ever listens to him. He is very scared of his master, Happosi


The Tendo Sisters

This is the older sister of Akane Tendo, Kusumi Tendo age 19. She is the traditional sister of the family, believing in bridal training, staying at home cooking and all that is associated with tradional Japan. Very conservative. She is constantly trying to get Akane to take bridal training since Akane is going to marry Ranma ( whether she wants to or not).

This lovely young lady is the middle Tendo Sister, Nabiki Tendo age 17. She strays from tradition to go after her true love in life ---- money. She is always coming up with a scheme to make money, whether through gambling rackets on Ranma's fights or extortion on Ranma's little "secret". She loves spending time with Kuno, get him to buy her things You can count on her to find a way to make money off of anything. SPECIAL ATTACKS: none. she takes care of everything with her intelligence.

This is Shampoo, an amazon princess from deep in the heart of China. When Ranma (in his girl form) and his father Genma ( in panda form) was travelling in China, they came across an amazon village where there was a tournament. Ranma entered the tournment because he and Genma accidently ate the prize. Ranma beat shampoo, but he did not know that amazon law dictates that if an amazon is beaten by a female outsider then the outsider gets the kiss of death which signifies that the amazon is sworn to hunt the outsider down until she kills her. Now Shampoo is in Japan, and is hunting female Ranma but this time was beaten by male Ranma. Amazon law dictates that if beaten by male outsider, she must marry him. So how can kill she kill girltype Ranma while marry boy type? Read the manga and watch the anima. Special attacks: blunt weapons, mind erase attack.

This is Ukyo, Ranma's "cute" fiance. She has been betrothed to Ranma since they were kids after Ukyo's father said that he would give his japanese pizza cart as her dowry. And guess what, Ranma's dad ran off with the cart leave poor Ukyo behind. She has been going to all boys' schools since pretending to be a man. After finding Ranma again, she tried to kill him to get revenge but ended up falling for the guy. Now she wants him and Ranma just can't get rid of her.

This is Kodachi, the black rose. She is the sister of Takewani Kuno. Since the time Ranma accidentally hit her head with a water kettle, She has been madly in love with him and claims that she will marry Ranma. She is a master of dirty tricks as she bakes cookies with sleeping powder, throw high explosive balls, and wield mallets against her opponents. She is the team leader of her school's anything goes gymnastics club. She is willing to do whatever it takes to "make Ranma her own."

This is Takewani Kuno, age 17. He calls himself " The Blue Thunder of Furiken High School" or what ever name he calls himself this week. For him, every other sentence must be a philosphical saying. He first fell in love with Akane. Now he's in love with female Ranma who he calls "The Pig-Tailed girl". His weapon of trade is the boken (wooden sword SPECIAL ATTACKS: Air Pressure Attack ( STRIKING SO FAST THAT THE AIR IN FRONT OF THE SWORD ACTS AS A TELEGRAPHED BLOW, THIS IS A MULTIPLE STRIKE ATTACK)

Time to talk about Happossi, the lecher. He's a tiny, old man with a fetish for undergarments who is aparently the founder of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. Commonly considered the most evil old man alive. Despite his stature, Happossi is extremely powerful and skilled, but that doesn't stop Ranma from finding a way to keep him from causing total chaos. His weakness: women's lingerie. To him it's like an addition and he can't go for prolonged periods of time physically touching it or women else he suffers through extreme with draw symtoms.
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Aura Attack ( concentrating his aura into a Giant reflection of himself and attack with it), Stare Down ( using the light of his aura to physically paralyize his opponent), Happo-Flame ( throws bombs at his opponent),

There are many other characters in the amazing world of Ranma but there isn't enough space on my sightr to fit them all. so this will do for now.

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