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The Shrine of Ancient Demons
Hello everybody!! Welcome to the Shrine dedicated to Tenchimuyo. Grab a chair and sit a spell.

Well, Well. Isn't this special? You're the to visit. But Now it's too late! My homepage has just sucked your soul out through your eyes! But I am willing to sell it back to you wholesale.

Welcome to my tribute page for a cool anime called TenchiMuyo , which translated means "No Need For Tenchi". This translation has been disputed to be incorrect by many, including my little penpal Lum. When I get the accurate translation, I'll post it up.

Japanime has gain a small following here at Montclair State University. Among the most liked is TenchiMuyo, which is about a Boy, a mystical sword, alien demons, an ancient lengend, and a little baby cabbit( alien rabbit) that will one day grow up into a living ship. Enjoy.

I am the Streak. I run this page. If there is any problems or suggestions, email me.

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The Cast of TenchiMuyo


Image Gallery
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Special Pictures

Villians beware!! for here comes the Sailor Toons!
Hey everyone!! I would like you to meet Ayeka as a Sadist.
Say Hi to Ranma and Akane.
A Cool Beach scene with Tenchimuyo can be use as a background.

This Picture is dedicated to Evan Weiner:

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I hope you enjoyed your trip here. Please come visit again because I get SO LONELY.