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The Origin of the Streak

---- In the beginning, there was K.J., a normal African-American who led a pretty dull life. He spend a lot of time alone because he never could blend in with society. When other black kids were listening to LLCoolJ, he was listening to Whitesnake. When other kids were hanging around the 7-11, he was building model planes. To all the kids in grade school and high school, he was a freak. He did not act like the typical African-American so most blacks in his life shunned him off. Since his skin wasn't white, white people laughed and mocked at his attempts to fit in. The level of his self esteem was low, while his depression increased. He, nevertheless persevered though it all by shutting out society by concentrating all his efforts on his school work.

--- Then one day near the end of 11th grade of high school, the stress of his life along with his rage and depression grew too much and his mind began to fall apart. That was when he found the man inside his own shell He grew a backbone and started to take control of his life
He move beyond high school to college by graduating valavictorian. Putting those who mocked him to shame. That's when his life changed. He slowly developed social skills and develop a hoarde of friend by simply being himself He even decided to join the nonmajor acting organization called PLAYERS. His mom supported me all the way, even when I performed in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

--- Life was grand until contamination of bleaching chemicals in a laundry room accident transforms KJ into the being now known as the Streak. The world called him a freak of nature. Do you know what he thinks of the world? He PISSES in it's general direction. "People want me to act normal. I don't even know anything that is normal in this screwed up world of ours. The only thing that we share as a society is that we kill someone or something at some point in our lives. But I don't feel like killing anyone......yet."

" Appearance is nothing but a shell which we use to carry our conciousness around for a while. Never confuse appearance for personality. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. I care for those who care for me. I treat everyone equally. You might say I'm an equal opportunity hater. Therefore everyone is on equal grounds with me."

I have only a few rules in my life. If you break them, I'll respond accordingly My rules are these:

1) Respect my beliefs and I'll respect yours.

2) Be careful of the heart, hurt the heart of myself or my friends and you will become my enemy and I always destroy my enemy.

3) Never take another person's quarry ( meaning focus of affection.). This will result in becoming an enemy.see #2.

4) Stand by your words. Don't say things that you can't follow through with.

5) Always treat people better than they treat you. This is the true path of the nice guy.

6) If you steal something of mine, expect me to steal something of yours.

7) My domicile is my domain. Respect it or don't go it.

8) Enjoy life as best you can.

Stats on the Streak
Name: Kehinda Jaboura Hopkins
Alias: Ke, KJ, Kevin, Kenneth, Ken, Keith, Streak, Professor.
Age: 21
Ethic: African American/Native American
Sign: Aries
Major in college: Computer Science
Hometown: Paterson, New Jersey
Current College Attending: Montclair State University
Religion: Non Denomination Christian.
Hair : Black with blonde strip
Eyes: brown
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual ( and pround of it!!)
Martial Status: single
Hobbies: model building, musician (bass player and song writer), acting,

The perfect woman:
---- There is no perfect woman just as there is no perfect man. As long as she can tolerate me and respect ( not like) the things i do and I can feel the same way about her, she will be just right. Love make strange bedfellows sometimes.

The Meaning of the Streak:
Individuality. Not rebellion. In today's world everyone want's to imitate someone else. The streak reminds me that I will not be happy if I mold myself into what other people want. I like the way I am and since I'm not endangering anybody, I think I'll stay the way I am.

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