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Walk with me, if you like.
Talk with me, if you dare.
A Poet's Dream.

Shall we dance? Waltz with me to a celestrial dream. Honour me with the radiance of your presence. This realm is open to all who wish to lay their souls bare to an unrelenting world full of lost souls search for that to make them complete. If you desire to place something here or know of something to be place here, please send it to this e-mail address:
Poems should go up on this page within 3 weeks. Dance with us often.

Streak's mind on a platter (Not much, is there.)

A FATHER"S LOVE by the Streak
The Time To Talk Has Passed by the Streak

Food for the Soul

EGGSHELL by Teresa
Unspeakable Acts, Unnatural Practices. by Sharon Olds
Sepia Memories by Danielle Elliot
What if... by Ken Stern

Afraid by Matt Cipoletti

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