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People I care alot about!!!

You should be happy. You are the person to visit here. Now run to your mother and tell her the good news.

This Month's Person of The month

This page is dedicated to my friends who without them, I would probably be normal and sane. Without friends and family, I would actually have money in my pockets and a car. Thanks alot!!
People marked with an asterisk also have pictures of themselves at the bottom of this page.

My Mom -- who without her support, there wouldn't be a Freak with the Streak today. She suggested to dye all my hair blonde but that was going a little too far. Yet I'm doing it any way, so your cool mom.

My Grandmother Nana( maybe) -- whose insults pushed to become THE STREAK. ( sounds like the origin of a super villian). Can't complain She gives me money.

My Grandmother Vennetta -- who taught me my three greatest lessons: 1) self-reliance, 2) Don't care what others say, just what your heart says, and 3) If someone step up to you, knock him the f**k out, like the way she knock my dad out at his own wedding. ( well.....he deserved it!).

Rusty Arjani -- for doing all the talking in our conversations. and for not being so stupid anymore. I guess the boy learned his lesson... or did he?

Pastor Bob Reiner -- for his support,and for busting on my streak all the time.( thanks for the tennis racket)

My Senior Class in High school -- for being mentally retarded.

Alex Jimenez -- a man after my own heart and for the free bass instructions. P.S. Don't hang phone up on me anymore, butmunch.

Now to my college friends:

Richard McDanolds -- for being a nice loan shark and the use of his car. Did I mention he was one of my best friends?

Craig Klien -- A decent friend as long as your hormones don't get in the way. You're still on the list, dude.

*Mike Zavarello aka Relm -- For keepin' the wierd noises at night down on his side of the suite but keep that towel rack away from me! Truely an ally for life.

All the members of Players -- proving that you can always find some sexual induendos in any play and the fact that the hottest women on this earth is in Players.

All participants in Rocky Horror Picture Show -- one word: UNDERGARMENTS!!!!!!!! .

Jack Parra, the man, the myth, the Legend -- what can I say about Jack. He is an Enigma even to himself.... and my new roommate. Hope he can handle me.

Kayte Siegle -- a cool Rat lover with a great music collection. Call me more often!!!!

Evan Weiner-- Star Wars fanatic extrordinare with a big mouth. Hey, leave my girl alone!

Lauren Tietze -- gerbil lover who is too into X-Files.

Jay ? -- Guitar master and music fanatic

Kathleen Hubany -- a dear friend who knows how to make me pur like a kitten.

*Matthew Cipoletti -- My suitemate who does clean the bathroom and whose anime collection simply boggles my mind. Sean Fortner -- exellent GM. Almost as fucked up as I am. Man, thanks for listening to me ramble

Tamara Lamb -- One Tough Lady!!!

*Jaki Loversidge -- A lovely woman with a voice specifically designed by the gods with beauty to match. You're one special person.

Ken -- For giving me a chance to be in the band. and aiding me in my music interest

*Tara Loversidge -- for chewing me out when I don't say hi. Don't work I still love you just the way you are.


Kevin Schwoebel -- The Big man on campus. Time for a Wo Hop trip

*Nicki Repici-- Anime club president and one of the sweetest girls I know. could I borrow some anime?

*Sherry Boyle -- A pretty lady with a cool taste in anime and friends. Don't worry, you look marvelous, darling. just don't shoot me again.

Julie Barber -- One really cool dancer with some wicked legs. Hot Mama!!

Christine Cheplic -- A dear friend who deserves better than what she gets. You are too beautiful for words.

Matt Viola -- One cool guy. Know a little too much about seinfield.

Ross Cohn -- The head of the Cult of R. One of the truest friends one can ever have. You're just too good man.

These are pictures of some of the people I like.
There are more to come

Matt Cipoletti

Mike Zavarello

Sherry Boyle

Nicki Repici

Tara Loversidge

Jaki Loversidge

Welcome to the Person of the Month Section
dedicated to the Male or Female that has been a really great friend or beyond that month. just to let them know, How much I care.

Person of the Month
February belongs to one man and one woman alone. They have survived the trial of friendship with and has earned high honors among many people. And they will be among the first to be in The PEOPLE OF THE MONTH HALL of FAME. Give a round of applause for:


So that's it for the People I Care About Page. COMING SOON: the "YOU ENVIOUS LITTLE S**TS!!! page.
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