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Mr. Streak's Link Page

You should be happy. You are the person to visit here. Now run to your mother and tell her the good news.

Pick a link and good luck

Sites that are cool!!!! ( you'll like 'em too!)

My friend Sean's page ( You can get to a lot of places from here)
The Players' page (an acting organization dedicated to non-acting majors)
The Blue Field, a place of poetic beauty.
The Streak's Poetry Page
The People I like Page
The True Fate of Your Favorite Disney Characters

Beware, everyone is spying on you. Outsmart them go to Agent Greenie's Page
The Funniest Newspaper on the net, The Onion. You won't be the same again.
If you're into gross stuff, NO , I mean the real thing! Real people with their heads blown off, bodies run over by trucks, then go to Shock Value . Not for the squimish.
A sign of the Apocalpyse, Peter's confusion

Links to the imagination.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Relm's Horribly Insignificant Homepage, be very afraid...
Batman the Dark Knight.

My Band's page

New Wave Hookers

Music Links that Rules!!!

Group artists links

A really cool Sepultura page.
The Encyclopedia Metallica, a great place for Metallica stuff BL( Before LOAD)
My Dying Bride, a kicking doom metal band ( I got this sight for a girl I like)
A really good Black Sabbath page.
Type O Negative, the definition of a gothic metal group.
311, Dedicated to a Miss Kayte Lady.
Tori Amos, I'm not a fan but a lot of my friends are.
Amorphis, Death Metal in the rough.(dedicated to Alex Jimenz)
The Official Homepage of Yngwie Malmstreen, a guitar legend.
Sisters of Mercy, a beautiful page on a great band, (dedicated to Rich)
Everything but the Girl
Sister Machine Gun, great industrial band
White Zombie, Sean Ysuelt is hot!
Nine Inch Nails, don't tell your mom about them.

Solo artists links

The Lita Ford Homepage
Steve Vai

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