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A Father's Love

by the Streak.

My cousin and I sat in a park,
throwing bread at the ducks.
He looked at me and asked,
"How is a father to love his child?"

I had to think for a moment.
This question is never simple.
" Well, a father would take care of his child"
take responsiblity for his child's welfare.

A father would not hurt his child,
yet discipline him to show him right and wrong,
until the child develop his own sense of such things.
Doing all with love and compassion.

A father should keep the child close,
yet know when to let go.
Give the child supporting words,
despite his own feelings.

A father watches you grow up
and go into the world.
A father's love should be seen through his smile.
At least, that's what I think."

My cousin asked,
" Is that how your father loved you?"
I told him,
" No. That's how my father did not love me."

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