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My Guestbook

Well, what do you know? People really do exist out there!!!

for example,:

A Mr. Jason Babcock from Norway says::::::::::: The site looks good, the quality of pictures are good. His Favorite Character is Ryoko and would love to see more of her. And Tenchi forever.

Shango say: Thanks jason and visit often.

It's about time that someone signed my guestbook but I need more. That's where you come in. Sign the guestbook and let the world know that you were here!

A Mr. Brian Connelly paid a visit and says:::::::::: The site and the quality of pictures are superb. His favorite character is Ryoko and demands more. His name is Brian Connelly of the clan Connelly. This page rocks.

Shango says: Wow!!! I appreciate the comments. His homepage address is:

Our next visitor is Mr Paula H. Totter who says::::::::::: The page is all around superb. She wants more pictures of cabbit. and her favorite character is Ryoko. She says she likes the page and asks how much does it cost to buy her soul back from me.
SHANGO says: I'm working on buy more meg space to add more pictures. To get a huge archive up, requires time and money. Don't worry I'll have lots of Cabbit pictures soon. As for your soul, it really depends on the going market these days. But I'm willing to settle for $500.00 since I am a cheap date.

Send me more comments .......PLEASE!!!!!

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