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The Cast of the anime, TenchiMuyo.

This page is still under construction. Give me time.

This is Tenchi. The star of the show all the troubles circle around him. By accidentally, releasing Ryoko ( let's face it. he asked for it the moment he stepped into the cave), all his troubles began but also access to a past heritage he never knew. He carries with him the master key which he uses as an energy sword and gets lured into battles with Ryoko and later on Kagato. ( I only have access up to tape 7 so work with me here). All the girls are after Tenchi. What's a boy to do?

This is Ryoko. She is known as "the freeze-dried up daemon" or "Old Hag". She is probably the main source of Tenchi's trouble. Imprisoned for the last 700 years, she by Tenchi and then tried to kill him. She is a major criminal who was hunted by the galactic police but her file was erased due to the expiration date on all files. She possess the power to throw energy bolts, create energy sword, pass through solid objects, and is very strong.

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